Northeast Ohio rain spikes crop of deadly mushrooms

5:28 PM, Sep 26, 2011   |    comments
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All of this rain is making mushrooms pop up in yards across Northeast Ohio.

We have to warn you again that wild mushrooms can be deadly.

Joe Kocheff is counting his blessings today after eating a poisonous mushroom called the Death Angel.

Joe's friend found them in Portage County. Joe and four others became ill after eating them.

He says people in the country eat wild mushrooms all the time.

"It's kinda a common thing, it sounds crazy but it wasn't that big of a deal," said Kocheff.

University Hospitals says there have been 17 cases of mushroom poisonings in Northeast Ohio in the last year, 14 of those coming with in the last few months.

The Ohio Department of Health backed up that claim saying cases are above 50 percent from last year.

Last year, the state of Ohio had 132 cases of people eating wild mushrooms, This year, that number is still climbing and is currently at 212.

Joe was lucky, as doctors were able to treat him with an experimental drug called Silibinin. The drug has not been approved by the FDA but is used in Europe.

Silibinin reduces the effects the poisonous mushrooms have on the liver.

"It was the only thing to get the toxin out of your liver or else we would have the chance of dying," said Kocheff.

Doctors say if you're not treated fast, you could die in 4-7 days. Experts say if your going to eat mushrooms, play it safe and get them from a grocery store.


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