Local jewelry designers get the attention of Hollywood's A-list

8:57 PM, Nov 29, 2010   |    comments
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But some of their glitz and shine comes from a couple of young designers right here in Northeast Ohio. Channel 3's Maureen Kyle found out how they got some star-studded attention.

At first glance, the jewelry designed by Christina and Sarah shines and sparkles. But look a little closer and the charms have a darker edge.

"Because the name is Dirty Pretty, we kind of play off of that... So, the skull with the shiny chrystal heart," says Co-Owner and designer Christina LoConti-Klenck.

The two Northeast Ohio natives went to Kent State and majored in jewelry and metal design. And in 2008, decided to launch their own line.

"Sometimes we'll start with an actual piece that we have that we really like and we'll design around it or a lot of times its just an illustration," says Sarah Piscazzi.

"We like to take very strong symbols that are already recognized as something like the bullet and try to make you re-think what it means, not necessarily a weapon, but a protection element," says Christina.

The concepts can be controversial. But the pieces are making their way around the necks of some A-list Hollywood celebrities.

"We have Beyonce wearing one of our necklaces, the beauty is pain," says Christina in almost disbelief. Sarah had to convince her to take a closer look when they saw the picture of Beyonce on the beach wearing their necklace.

"I saw it and I knew, I knew that it was ours and I called her and I said, Open up that magazine."

Beyonce reportedly got the necklace from her friend Lady Gaga on the set of a music video they shot together.

Christina and Sarah know one of the make up artists on tour with Gaga, and word has gotten back that Gaga is goo-goo over the girls designs.

Its only been two years. And just like their jewelry these glitzy gals have that tough edge needed to make it.

"Really just being successful and making a living off of doing what I love."

To see their entire collection, click on the web link provided at the right side of the page. Also, for 30 percent off, enter the code "HOLIDAY30"


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