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Elderly WW II veteran faces eviction due to family feud

4:12 PM, Apr 30, 2013   |    comments
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VINTON COUNTY --  A 91-year-old World War II veteran is facing eviction due to an ongoing dispute with his own daughter.

Fifty-four years ago, John and Evelyn Potter built their family home together in the small village of Zaleski in Vinton County.

John Potter has lived there his entire adult life except for a tour of duty on the Aleutian Islands during World War II.

Now he could lose his home because of an ongoing dispute between him and his daughter and son-in-law.

"I laid awake at night trying to figure out what in the world I could have done to these people to make them so angry at me," said Potter.

He says he thought his daughter and son-in-law were looking out for him.

According to a family member, the daughter used her power-of-attorney to deed the house over to herself.

Potter sued to get his home back and a Vinton court ruled in his favor.  The daughter appealed and won.  That's when the family says the statue of limitations ran out and left Potter with no other legal actions.

Now Potter is facing a countdown to his eviction.

His daughter and son-in-law say the dispute is over visitation rights for Potter's other child who as Autism.

"For him to stay in that home it is real simple leave Joe alone and stop the lawsuits," said the son-in-law, Dean Cottrill. 

The granddaughter is now trying to raise $125,000 on line to help her grandfather buy back his home.

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