See The Possible: Kiss My Akron

8:54 AM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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AKRON, Ohio -- There's a new catch phase being used in Akron this month, that will make you take notice, and it is allowing residents and visitors to "See The Possible" in exploring downtown.

"Kiss My Akron."

It is a racy name, but it's all about spreading the love.

"The message behind it is really to share the love and to show affection and appreciation for our businesses," said Sharon Gillberg, from Downtown Akron Partnership. "It's an opportunity to take a little window cling, go downtown to their favorite businesses and destination and show a little love. And put a little kiss on their window or door."

With every peck, smack and smooch, awareness for downtown Akron is growing and businesses are enjoying each kiss.

"I love it because it brings awareness to The Peanut Shoppe," said Marge Klien, from The Peanut Shoppe. "It's hard to get people to come out in the cold weather. So, it's a great idea."

"It's a great experience to bring everybody in the community together and bring awareness that maybe everybody should be a little nicer to one another," said Shana Gyure, from The Lockview.

"Anything to promote Akron I'm all for, I mean, I think it's fun because it's a catchy phase obviously, 'kiss my Akron.' The customers have enjoyed it so far," said Mike Pickett, from Barley House. 

"Kiss My Akron" is already a success with the amount of businesses handing out window clings doubling within a week.

"There's a lot of hidden gems downtown that many people don't know about, so we are hoping that it generates awareness of some of our local treasures. There's a lot of love to share. We'll spread it around," Gillberg said.

The "Kiss My Akron" campaign runs through the month of February. For a list of places pick up a window cling go to this website:


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