Ways2Save: How to lock in the lowest hotel prices

9:09 AM, May 15, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Today the Ways 2 Save road trip continues and the premise couldn't be more simple when it comes to today's website: You book, price drops, automatic refund.

The days of repeatedly checking hotel rates to see if they're lower than what you booked, then to call and either cancel that reservation and make a new one or wait on hold for a customer service agent to adjust it, are over!

Tingo is superb addition to the travel world where the only thing you need to do is book a reservation with any hotel of your choice. Tingo automatically re-books you at the lower rate if your hotel drops its price.

You're automatically refunded the difference to the credit card you used to book the reservation, without giving anything a second thought. It's seamless, efficient and I wish more things in life worked the way Tingo does.

Tingo works within the rules of any particular hotel's booking policy. So cancellations cutoffs, pre-payments, or any other particulars fall under the hotel's policies which are laid out through Tingo.

There is no catch. This website is actually designed to make your life easier. The only requirement is that you'll have to make a hotel reservation in any city by logging in through your Tingo account so they can effectively monitor your reservation for price drops. Signing up through Tingo is quick and easy. Their customer service has also been excellent in all my tests which is not the most common thing these days.

CLICK HERE and let those savings begin.  

And if you're lonely for those daily deals, I'll still be sending those out today after the morning show via Twitter. CLICK HERE

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We receive absolutely no financial compensation for mentioning any company, product, or deal. The purpose of this segment is to find great deals -- that's it.


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