Two cheap gadgets to cut your bills by $200

10:28 AM, Apr 19, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Two years ago I'd practically be in tears every time I opened an energy bill.

I implemented two products into my routine that have lowered my costs by as much as 10% -- or $220 a year.

When it comes to water consumption, the garden hose and keeping your property in check, an excellent conservation kit with a hose timer and an apparatus to put onto your garden hose can make a world of difference for your costs this summer.

The kit ships today for $14.77, and was originally $24. CLICK HERE and enter code OFFERSCOM at checkout for free shipping on one kit.

When it comes to your power bill, the award-winning "On Plug" I profiled a year ago is a gadget I highly recommend.

As you probably know, when the coffee maker is off and not in use or a cell charger's plugged into the wall without the cell phone connected on the other end, that electrical outlet still has a current running through it that's costing the average household well over $220 a year.

Even my TV draws a lot of power from the wall when the LCD is powered down.

This simple and safe solution is one of my favorite products of this nature on the market.

OnPlug Phantom Power Saver eliminates this cost.

Just plug it into your wall, then plug in your device -- be it TV, computer, gaming console, coffee maker, microwave, or whatever else.

An on/off switch allows current to flow, or not flow. When that switch is in the 'on' position and power is going to a device that isn't in use, the Power Saver's LED indicator alerts you to turn it off.

The cost?

$24 gets you three OnPlugs (plus $3 shipping), giving you more control of your involuntary power consumption.

Could you just use a power strip? In many cases, yes, but it's often unsightly or unsafe to put a power strip flat on a kitchen counter with an exposed socket or close to the splashes from a sink.

The OnPlugs take advantage of your household outlet's height and provides a sealed source.

So how much do you really save?

I don't have a family yet, but based on my consumption (and a lot of electronic gadgets), I shaved $190 dollars off my bill.

That's $30 dollars shy of the estimate for the OnPlug Power Saver. That is at least two weeks worth of groceries or a month's worth of gas for me. If you live in a larger household or have a big family, you could save even more than I did.


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