Sequester: Financial aid, job placement could get cut

7:02 PM, Feb 25, 2013   |    comments
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If the series of automatic cuts being dubbed "the sequester" take place on March 1, the future of Ohio jobs could hang in the balance on many levels, according to the White House.

Cleveland State University Senior Hope Burke is looking forward to getting out into the workforce after graduating and, thankfully, won't have huge student loan payments. She's one of many who take part in CSU's work study program.

"My limit is capped at $4,000 for the whole year," says Burke, who earns that money while working at the printing shop on campus.

It's an opportunity that might not be an option for nearly 1,500 students after March 1. Work study funding could get cut. Also, an estimated 3,320 fewer low-income students will receive financial aid.

Ohio could also lose more than $1.7 million in funding for job search assistance and placement. The government estimates over 57,000 fewer people will get help finding a job.

And for families who depend on child care to go to work, funding could be cut for 800 kids statewide.

Jobs could also be harder to come by. Small Business Administration loan guarantees would be cut by up to $900 million dollars nationwide. Without that loan, businesses would be harder to start or expand.


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