Sequester cuts could leave area's seniors going hungry

7:40 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
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The countdown is on to March 1st -- that's the date when massive federal budget cuts will kick in -- unless Congress and the President reach a deal.

There are many programs that will be affected including those that provide meals to needy seniors including those that deliver the meals to their homes such as Akron's Mobile Meals a Meals on Wheels program. 

In Ohio, cuts to such programs would mean 900,000 fewer meals in one year. Summit County's needy would be hit hard seeing 121 fewer meals served per day in that county alone.

That worries Vickie Adam, who's mother uses Meals on Wheels.

"Without that, these people are going to be hungry. And I think these people in Congress, they don't go hungry so they don't know what that means."

The "Meals on Wheels" program has experienced cuts from state aid in recent years relying more on private donations.


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