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Cleveland: Taxpayers size up 'fiscal cliff' deal

5:52 PM, Jan 2, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Local taxpayers are taking stock of the fiscal cliff deal and giving it mixed reviews.

Everyone must pay two percent more payroll/Social Security tax.

Bay Village's Tom Trueman said, "Big enough. I'll notice it. Anything that comes out of my paycheck that's a little bit more will always be noticeable."

Brecksville's Karen Mueller said, "You feel everything. It's probably a few less cups of this," she said, brandishing a pricey cup of coffee.

Elaine Trapp said, "Somehow it always ends up with more taxes a certainty."

The deal fixes the Alternative Minimum Tax so it will not apply to millions of middle class taxpayers.

Sagamore Hills' Lee Mosby said, "At least it's added certainty. If they could get the fiscal cliff on the debt side done, I think that's what business is looking for.

The deal means withholding rates won't go up for middle class families.

It preserves mortgage interest deductions and leaves the child tax credit, earned income credit and American Opportunity Credit for college expenses intact.

Taxpayers gave Congress' down-to-the-wire partisan handling of this very low marks.

Mosby said, "They can't make a decision without going through all this pain."

Lakewood's Tim Miller said Congress' rating is "very poor. Congress has not done it's job at all."


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