Try It Before You Buy It: Shed Ender

9:04 PM, Apr 24, 2010   |    comments
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Greg Elkind was a perfect candidate to try the Shed Ender. Greg's dog, Silas, loves going for walks, and the arrival of spring makes it easier for Greg to take him.

But warmer weather also means more shedding. Greg says, "We have hardwood floors, so when we sweep, we get a good pile of dog hair."

The Shed Ender claims to remedy that by removing the undercoat that other brushes leave behind. Though optimistic, Greg is a little apprehensive. He says about Silas, "Any type of grooming, he doesn't really like it too much."


Brushing in the direction of the hair growth, Greg was instructed to pull up and away at the end of each stroke, being careful not to use too much downward pressure. "He's got a really thick coat," Greg says, "and I thought it would have trouble going through it, but it doesn't seem to be bothering it too much."


It didn't take long for Greg to see the results. "This will stop the clogging of our air conditioner. Maybe we won't have to change the filter as much."


Greg wasn't the only one who thought the Shed Ender was getting the job done. Silas actually enjoyed the experience.


Greg liked everything about the shed ender, except, "The only thing, I wish it was easier to change it from left-handed to right-handed."


Overall, the Shed Ender got high marks. Out of 5 stars, Greg gave the Shed Ender 4 stars.


The shed ender is only available online. We found it for $9.99.



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