Try It Before You Buy It: Slap Chop

12:22 PM, Mar 26, 2010   |    comments
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Busy mom Elaine says, "It's a lot of work because you're already tired and you're getting dinner ready, so if I have something to use, then I'll use it if it makes it quicker."

Elaine agreed to try the Slap Chop.

It's an all-purpose chopper that claims to be compact and simple to use. We tried chopping the foods we saw on the commercial.

First up: tomatoes.

Elaine found that the Slap Chop didn't slice through the skin of the tomato. "Not good for chopping, but I would say salsa, yes."

Next, we tried onions and garlic, with the peel on.

The Slap Chop claims you can simply remove the peel when you're done chopping. Elaine thought it did a nice job chopping the onions and garlic, and was able to remove the skin when she was done.

We added cilantro and made a salsa. Elaine's son-in-law, Jason, was our taste-tester. He said it was "pretty good."

Next, we tried making tuna salad, just like on the commercial. Elaine thought it did a good job. "It's a little more arm muscle.

It's probably easier if you do everything separately first," said Elaine.

We tried chopping potatoes next, and didn't get the results we were looking for. The potatoes got stuck in the Slap Chop.

Elaine says, "I could slice potatoes faster with my hands."

All in all, Elaine found the Slap Chop worked well for some foods, but didn't live up to all of its claims.

Out of five stars, Elaine gave the Slap Chop three and a half stars.

We found the Slap Chop at Target for $19.99, but if you order it online, it comes with a free cheese grater.


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