Try It: The Kindle Reader

5:06 PM, Dec 6, 2009   |    comments
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The Kindle Reader is by Amazon and available through its website. There are several versions, ranging in screen size and memory.

The Kindle starts at about $259, up to $489.

"Donna" agreed to test the Kindle. She reads between three and four books a month.

Here is how it works: You register the Kindle to your name and then download books. Older books, and classics can cost very little, from a few dollars, 25 cents, or even free.

Newer releases will run more, but less than what you'd pay in a bookstore.

On Dec. 1, the price to download Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" cost $9.80. You can store hundreds of books right on your Kindle or, after you're done reading, download them to your home computer.

Kindle isn't just for books. Users can download newspapers, magazines and blogs too.

Donna liked that she could finish reading a book, and have her next one ready to read in about a minute. She travels as well, and appreciates the Kindle's size and its light weight.

She's used to lugging several heavy books when she hits the road. A feature allows readers to adjust font size. And it doesn't require a book mark.

"Whenever I am done reading, I just turn it off and it automatically comes back to where I left off," Donna explains.

Another feature allows you to highlight text, making it perfect for book club discussions. Donna was a fan. She gave the Kindle 5 out of 5 stars.              


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