Lake Erie: Beyond the Surface

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Lake Erie: Beyond the Surface Part 5

3:33 PM, Jun 9, 2009

Lake Erie... it can be as simple as a lazy day at the beach or as complex as issues that cross political boarders.

Lake Erie: Beyond The Surface Part 4

9:26 AM, Jun 23, 2008

For centuries, these waters have provided vital shipping lanes, abundant food, and the power to drive industry.

Lake Erie: Beyond The Surface Part 3

12:36 PM, Jun 3, 2008

It was a battle that would determine the fate of our region, the fate of our country. Nine American ships sailed across Lake Erie to victory. Repelling a fleet of foreign invaders.

Lake Erie: Beyond The Surface Part 2

12:55 PM, Jun 3, 2008

Some see it as an awe-inspiring natural wonder. Others... a family vacation. A prize-winning walleye, a shipping superhighway, a new source of energy, or a scientific resource.

Lake Erie: Beyond the Surface Part 1

10:52 AM, Jun 3, 2008

It is the 11th largest lake on earth. Within its currents flows the story of where we've been and where we are headed.

Put-in-Bay | Battle of Lake Erie 2013

11:39 PM, Sep 2, 2013

The battle of Lake Erie 2013 -- different century, same result.

USS Cod submarine starts engines, fires its cannon

4:12 PM, Sep 2, 2013

Labor Day Sea Show aboard the WW II submarine is in response to the cancellation of the Cleveland National Air Show


Dr. Charles E. Herdendorf

6:19 PM, Feb 26, 2008

As a Professor Emeritus from The Ohio State University, Dr. Herdenorf shares his expertise on Lake Erie.

Jim Weakley

6:14 PM, Feb 26, 2008

The Lake Carriers' Association President talks about his views on Great Lakes shipping.

Dr. Jeffrey Reutter

5:59 PM, Feb 26, 2008

The Director of OSU's Stone Lab and Ohio Sea Grant College Program has seen many challenges and improvements on the Lake.

Capt. Tim McCann

6:03 PM, Feb 26, 2008

The owner of Fisherman's Wharf in Port Clinton, Capt. McCann has a history of working on the Lake.