Bellevue | No serious injuries or deaths after tornado

7:29 PM, Jul 11, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Raw Video: Bellevue damage early Thursday morning


BELLEVUE -- Late Thursday afternoon, the National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado struck the town of 8,300 residents.

For much of Thursday, the people of Bellevue were engaged in a big debate.

Was the destructive wind that ripped through the community a full-fledged tornado or straight-line winds?

It was a tornado.

Whatever you call it, virtually everyone in this town of 8,300 agrees it was the most damaging storm in the town's history.

Hundreds of homes were damaged, thousands of people lost power, and about 25 streets remain blocked off.

The biggest concerns are live, downed power lines.

Ohio Edison has brought in crews from other facilities to tackle the job.

The clean up will take weeks.

Parts of Bellevue are actually in three different counties -- Erie, Hurn and Sandusky. That may help because three separate emergency management agencies can bring more help to the town.

Police Chief Dennis Brandal expressed the commmunity's sense of relief that there were no serious injuries or lives lost.

Brandal said, "Roofs and siding can be replaced. Thank goodness nobody was hurt."



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