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Capt. Tim McCann

5:03 PM, Feb 26, 2008   |    comments
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"Business is great right now. We're having a good year. We have a lot of numbers for walleyes. And so actually the last two years have been better than it has been the last few years. When we grew up here in the 1970's all we had was white bass and perch. You know we used to have 30 rowboats that we would rent everyday and this business keeps evolving. It's completely different than what it was 40 years ago. And which is so neat about fishing because before everyone used to rent a boat, people didn't have boats. Where now everybody has a boat like they have a second car. So it's pretty neat. I've got to believe this brings millions of dollars to the economy in the North Coast. Anywhere from bed and breakfasts to restaurants, motels, and dive shops now that water's so clean. Now we can get families to spend time where they just used to go to Cedar Point or something and go home, now they're staying a couple extra days. The beaches are nice. I just think that the most important thing to the North Coast is our fishing. I don't know what would happen if something happened to it. I look forward to coming to work. I couldn't think of doing anything else. It's been good to my family and I want someday to give it to my boys. It's always been an evolving thing here how this Lake has changed and I think it's probably going to continue. But everybody knows that everybody comes to the waterfront because it's enjoyable. And when we get people here, even on a bad day of fishing, there's still a smile because they'd rather be fishing and out on the Great Lakes."

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