City Council meeting planned to discuss July storms in Wickliffe

7:27 AM, Sep 16, 2013   |    comments
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WICKLIFFE -- Two months ago, massive amounts of rain devastated areas in Wickliffe and Willowick.

Hundreds of people had to toss out their belongings ruined by storm water and sewage back up.

And now? While the streets may be empty, the clean up remains underway.

"We had to scrub the whole basement," Charlene Inman says. "We're still not even finished putting it back together. It's terrible. It's a terrible thing."

Folks along Warren Road say their basements were flooded, their belongings ruined because of clogged sewers giving the rainwater nowhere to go.

City Council will hold a public meeting Monday night at 7p.m. to talk about the public's concerns and to discuss the progress being made.

As for Inman, despite the annoyance of a damaged basement, she says she's not mad at the city.

"Now say this happens again, even within a year, I'd be upset then," Inman says.


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