Justin Pancake: Blacken Salmon Salad & Strawberry Shortcake 7/11/13

8:42 AM, Jul 11, 2013   |    comments
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Blacken Salmon Salad


5oz. Salmon, blackened

1oz. Baby Spinach Leaves

4oz. House Mix

2oz. Strawberries

1oz. Red Onion, julienned

1oz. Blue Cheese Crumbles

1oz. Candied Pecans

2oz. Honey Vinaigrette

½ tsp Parsley Chopped                                                 

Preparation Procedures:

1) In a mixing bowl, place spinach, house mix, red onions, strawberries and dressing

2) Mix thoroughly and place in a chilled pasta bowl trying to pull strawberries and onions to the top

3) Sprinkle with blue cheese and pecans

4) Garnish salmon with parsley and place on salad           

Strawberry Shortcake


1 per glass Shortcake Biscuit, torn

3oz. Vanilla Ice Cream

6oz. Strawberry Sauce

1 package Fresh Strawberries

1oz. Whip Cream

Preparation Procedures:

1) In a chilled pint glass place all of the torn biscuits in the bottom

2) Top with 2oz. of strawberries

3) Place one scoop of ice cream on top

4) Top with 2oz. of strawberries

5) Garnish with whipped cream and drizzle with strawberry syrup


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