N. Ridgeville | City leaders call kitten shooting lesson in sensitivity

10:47 PM, Jun 17, 2013   |    comments
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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio -- The Mayor of City of North Ridgeville says town leaders will consider altering policy, in response to an incident involving the humane officer last week.

Last Monday, humane officer Barry Accorti was called to a home to remove a feral mother cat and litter of kittens from a woodpile.

Accorti shot the kittens with a gun, within eyesight of children in the home.

When the story appeared on Facebook, it spread like wildfire.

To date, over 45,000 people around the nation have signed a petition calling for Accorti to be fired for his actions.

Police Chief Mike Freeman said last week, that Accorti "acted appropriately" and within policy for euthanasia in his handling of the call.

But one week later, the protests have grown louder. 

Over 100 people carrying signs marched on the city council chambers this Monday evening.

Many addressed city leaders, speaking emotionally about the killing of the animals as cruel.

Mayor David Gillock says his office has received threatening phone calls in addition to the protests, but he says the city can change policy to prevent euthanasia of feral animals on-site.

Chief Freeman also told the room, this is a lesson "in sensitivity" for police officers.

No word on a timeline for the city to make a policy change.

City leaders have not said they will take any disciplinary action against the humane officer, who remains on duty.


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