Akron: 7-year-old hospitalized after dog attack

2:41 AM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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AKRON, Ohio -- A 7-year-old girl is hospitalized at Akron Children's Hospital, after a dog attack Tuesday evening.

Around 7 p.m., Ah-Jia Lollis was riding her pink scooter down Welsh Avenue when witnesses say a neighbor's dog attacked her.

Lollis was bitten on her ear, shoulder, chest and stomach. She was rushed to Akron Children's Hospital where she will have to undergo surgery.

The dog, identified as a rottweiler, was contained after the attack.

Lollis' mother, Kimberly, emotionally recalled the moments when she found out her daughter was in trouble.

"My son came in and said, 'Mom the dog is eating my sister!' I took off running outside and by the time I got there, the dog had my baby by the back of her hair, biting her neck, her ear, her chest, her stomach. I had to pull my child out of this dog's mouth," said Kimberly Lollis.

The mother and child ran indoors and called 911. 

The city has a leash law, requiring dogs to be kept on leashes or in control when off their property.  

Witnesses say they are familiar with the dog involved, but have always seen it on a leash or inside a fence.

"If you have a dog, little or big, you are responsible for your dog.  A little mistake like not latching a door can cost an innocent child her life," said Lollis.

Lollis says doctors told her that her daughter will recover, but the healing process may be lengthy.

Police and animal control officers are investigating the incident. 

Stay with Channel 3 News for updates on the investigation.


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