Grafton: Hay prices force people to give up horses

11:21 PM, Aug 28, 2012   |    comments
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GRAFTON, Ohio -- The soaring cost of hay has left many horse owners unable to afford their animals.

Angel's Haven Horse Rescue in Grafton takes in the most critical cases of horse abuse and neglect.

Often the horses are malnourished and have extensive health problems.

With an army of volunteers, the non-profit provides shelter, food and access to veterinary care.

Heidi Sandrev and her mother, Mindy Kazaroff, started Angel's Haven in 2006. To date, they've rescued over 40 horses.

"Painters, Tennessee Walkers, thoroughbreds, minis. We take the most critical cases, and get them up to speed with our volunteers," Sandrev said.

This summer, Angel's Haven has received several calls from families who want the best for their horses, but simply cannot afford them any longer.

The price of hay, usually around $3 to $4 per bale, has shot as high as $17 at auction.

Horses eat up an average of 15 bales per month.

The low supply and high demand is due to the drought. 

There's a residual effect, too:  The price of oats and other grains could also rise. 

Sandrev doesn't foresee the shortage improving until next summer, which will bring the possibility of a better crop.

To help the horse owners contacting Angel's Haven, Sandrev and Kazaroff have set up a bulletin board on their website, Facebook and Pinterest pages.

There, horse owners looking for someone to take their animal can reach out to other owners. 

Angel's Haven will do its best to ensure the new homes are healthy, safe environments for the horses that must be given up.

"I have a high regard for people who are reaching out, before they get into a neglect situation," Sandrev said.

Volunteers, sponsorship, even hay donations are needed at Angel's Haven.

Click on the link on this page to learn how to help. 

On the webpage, click on "The Horses" tab to find "Horses Needing a Home," for a look at some of the animals who need new homes.


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