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- Court accompaniment for court proceedings. Serve as liaison between victims and court systems.

- Provide emotional support and assistance

- Literature to help guide you emotionally and assist you through the criminal justice system

- Information about Ohio's drunk driving and victim rights laws

- Victim Impact Statements information and preparation assistance

- Information regarding Crime Victim Compensation benefits to cover expenses related to the crash

- A list of local professional counselors and attorneys who work with victims of crashes

For 24 hour victims' assistance help line, call toll free 1-877-MADD-HELP (623.3435)

ALCOHOL EDUAlcoholEdu™ for High School Population-Level Prevention™

Alcohol is the number 1 drug of choice for America's teens -- used more than all other illicit drugs combined. For the first time, high school administrators and teachers can combat underage drinking with an online alcohol prevention program designed specifically for today's youth. Developed over three years by leading prevention experts at Outside The Classroom in conjunction with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), AlcoholEdu for High School engages high school students with age-appropriate, science-based alcohol education. The course provides an interactive experience that:

- Changes perceptions

- Motivates behavior change

- Supports safer, healthier decisions regarding alcohol

AlcoholEdu for High School springs from Outside The Classroom's best-selling AlcoholEdu for College program, which has been documented to reduce consumption and high-risk behavior on college campuses. For example, on campuses where all first-year students were required to take AlcoholEdu for College:

- The proportion of abstainers increased by 10%

- The proportion of problematic drinkers dropped by 18%

- The average number of drinks consumed per week by drinkers dropped from 9.9 before taking the course to 8.6 after the course

Youth In Action

If you are a college, high school or grade school student and would like you or your group to get involved in MADD through volunteering, education or activism, please contact us at 216-265-9229


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