'Neighborfood' | Eating good food for a good cause

7:48 AM, Jun 21, 2013   |    comments
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  • CLEVELAND -- Eating good food for a good cause. It doesn't get much better than that!

    Saturday, more than 1,200 people are expected to head to Tremont to eat, drink and raise money for local charities.

    This event is called "Neighborfood" -- a play on the word "neighborhood."

    A ticket to this event allows you to walk from restaurant to restaurant and eat your way to building a better community!

    Bonnie Flinner, who owns Prosperity Social Club in Tremont explains, "It's really people joining together to look after things that are important to them."

    For Flinner, that's what a neighborhood means to her.

    And it's with that philosophy that the Cleveland chapter of "Dishcrawl" created "Neighborfood".

    It's a twist on the company's original idea of offering self-guided tours of local restaurants. This time part of your meal ticket price goes towards a local charity.

    Kathy Marsh of Merrick House says, "We rely on the generosity of the community giving back to us also to help us, so it's a partnership."

    An average person walking down the street might not have any idea what goes on inside Merrick House.

    It's been at the same Tremont location for the last 94 years and not only has its location stayed the same, so has its goal: To help the community. 

    Marsh says they have programs for everyone, "Childcare, GED adult education, outreach program for at-risk pregnant women. We consider ourselves a neighborhood without borders because we don't have residential requirements of who can come and be in our organization and use our facility."

    Merrick House is one of seven charities involved in "Neighborfood."

    For the local restaurants also involved, this is truly the perfect pairing.

    Flinner says, "That is one of the major things that make a neighborhood."

    Saturday's "Neighborfood" event features eight different restaurants in the Tremont area.

    Tickets are sold out.

    Organizers had expected a few hundred, but now they're expecting more than a thousand people.


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