Fans wonder why Bon Jovi isn't included in list of Rock Hall nominees

12:40 PM, Oct 16, 2013   |    comments
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Kurt Cobain as Nirvana lead singer. (Photo: Associated Press.)

CLEVELAND -- Every year the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees are announced, it always generates controversy about who is missing. Typically, fans are stunned that KISS is off the list of nominees, but since they were included as contenders for 2014, many are asking: "Where is Bon Jovi?"

Fans have never shied away from sharing their thoughts -- and the 2014 nominees is no different.

Here is some reaction posted on the WKYC Facebook fan page:

- Christine Errett-Galletta: No Joan Jett, Chicago and Bon Jovi; I thought they were all in years ago. Good luck Cat Stevens and KISS both should have been in years ago too.

- Steve Hammond: Chic? LL Cool J? I thought it was called the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

- Mary Smith: KISS! It's about time!

J- anet Cieslacker: About time for some of them! Cat Stevens, Yes, KISS, Deep Purple...Oh yah and Hall and Oates too!!

- Jeffery Shirey: Deep Purple better get in.

- John Adkins: Since when did the ROCK & ROLL HOF become RAP HOF? You won't see bands like Who, Kiss, Deep Purple, Fleeteood Mac etc n RAP HOF! Don't get me wrong I love Run DMC, LLCool J & NWA but n the ROCK N ROLL HOF, no not there! Sorry!

- Dino Sanfilippo: KISS! OVERDUE!

- Chris Pugh: Hall and oates FINALLY!!!

- Michael Andrysco: until Bon Jovi is inducted, the HOF will be just another Cleveland joke. All they have done and they get no respect.

- Frank Ciszewski: I like ll cool j and nwa...but how exactly do they qualify for rock and roll hall of fame?

- Amber Ratino: LL Cool J REALLY? Come on! Thank God there are some good options this year! 


- Desiree Shuga: Bon Jovi is missing. And Nirvana.... really??? Wtf?

- Barbara Gannon: Where is Chicago?

- Sherry Thomas: Yay KISS!!! Finally! Now it's a Rock Hall!

- Jen Gula: Bon Jovi snubbed again. Still relevant after 30 years, yet no nomination.

- Melinda Aron: KISS!!!! What's rock and roll without them??? Won't visit til they're in!!!!! ROCK ON

- Mike Mikovich: KISS Better make it they were pioneers.


What are your thoughts? Who is missing from the list of nominees? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment on our Facebook page, by tweeting us @wkyc or write a comment in the section below.


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