ODNR: Coyote fur fetching premium prices

12:41 AM, Feb 24, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON -- At a time when Ohio residents are reporting more coyote sightings and attacks then ever before, the price on their heads is higher than ever.

The coyote is widely regarded as a nuisance so would you wear one?

At the first coyote seminar, 80 farmers, hunters, even urban home owners packed the District 3 office of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife with many different concerns but just one objective -- getting rid of coyotes.

"You hear them at night when you go to take the dog out for a walk. At night you can definitely here them," Broadview Heights homeowner Omar Fakhre said.

"If there is enough of them and they're hungry enough, they'll attack a horse or a pony. I've seen it happen to deer," farmer Jerry Eckroad said.

There seems a perfect storm now brewing around the coyote. Ohio hunters are between seasons with time on their hands, the coyote population is bulging, and furriers are offering top dollar for processed pelts.

ODNR prices Ohio coyote pelts at $20 to $25. The North American fur auction is pricing them at nearly three times that amount.

"It's more of a trim trade with the coyotes but they have very valuable fur. It's beautiful," ODNR spokesman Mark Basinger said.

Hunter Allen Lorinchack considers himself a steward of nature. He hunts to balance predator and prey populations but isn't above cashing in on a good deed.

"Right now, they are called 'prime' and if you get them this time of year, you get top dollar for them," Lorinchack said.

In Ohio, the coyote has no natural enemies other than us. It's a canine so the meat is no good.

The dramatic increase in the price of fur is the best incentive to control the growing population.






















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