What Works

What Works: Cristal Global

9:24 PM, May 20, 2012

They help make the products you and I see and use every day.

What Works: MetroHealth System

5:43 PM, May 6, 2012

MetroHealth System has evolved as the needs of the community have changed.

What Works: Life Core Technologies

10:51 PM, Apr 29, 2012

Life Core Technologies has developed a cerebral cooling system that emergency crews can administer

What Works: Visual Marking Systems

9:52 PM, Apr 22, 2012

Visual Marking Systems has been a leader in custom graphic design and printing for over 50 years

What Works: Keller Art Glass

11:09 PM, Apr 15, 2012

Keller Art Glass is a decorative art glass studio, creating one-of-a-kind works of art in glass, metals and other materials

What Works: Kosher Food Bank

7:51 AM, Apr 9, 2012

The Kosher Food Bank originated more than 30 years ago to provide food for newly arrived Jews from the Soviet Union.

What Works: Lowe's Greenhouse

11:12 PM, Mar 25, 2012

As you enter Bainbridge Township, you may notice that their official flower is the begonia.

What Works: Businessman's idea is 'A Shade Better'

5:39 PM, Mar 8, 2012

CLEVELAND -- They say having a good idea is like a light bulb turning on inside your head. Cleveland businessman Jim Prexta decided to put a lampshade over his bright idea.

What Works: Carnegie Cabinetry

1:09 AM, Feb 20, 2012

A local company that has been in the cabinet making business for close to 50 years.

What Works: Simply Southern Sides

10:31 PM, Feb 12, 2012

Simply Southern Sides provides conveniently prepared meals without sacrificing flavor.

What Works: CSA International

11:39 PM, Jan 29, 2012

CSA International specialized in the safety and testing of products, certifying them to meet U.S. standards.

What Works: Stack Media

11:25 PM, Jan 22, 2012

Maybe your kids have already brought one of their magazines home from school all with hope of improving in a certain sport.

What Works: Akron Brass

10:36 PM, Jan 15, 2012

Akron Brass is provides thousands of fire departments with the equipment they need to do their job.

What Works: AkzoNobel

10:51 PM, Jan 8, 2012

AkzoNobel is a world-leading company that produces paints and coatings, such as Glidden, along with specialty chemicals.

What Works: National Safety Apparel

4:22 PM, Jan 2, 2012

Started over 76 years ago, there's a local garment company that's not using your usual fabrics for its products.

What Works: Miceli's Dairy in Cleveland

10:30 AM, Dec 26, 2011

If you like mozarella cheese, chances are you've sampled a local favorite.

What Works: Great Lakes Towing Company

6:40 PM, Dec 19, 2011

John D. Rockefeller was one of their first stockholders and they were the first tenants to have offices in the Terminal Tower

What Works: Alcoa Aluminum Wheel in Barberton

12:58 AM, Dec 5, 2011

It's a Northeast Ohio town known as "The Magic City" because it seemingly appeared overnight

What Works: Faber-Castle

1:06 AM, Nov 21, 2011

It's a local company older than our country itself, and they've only been in Cleveland for the last seven years.

What Works: Bendix

11:47 AM, Nov 14, 2011

When you hear the name Bendix, you probably think of brakes.

What Works: Eye Lighting International

4:03 AM, Nov 7, 2011

One local company sure knows how to light up a town.

What Works: Brandt's Candies in Willoughby

11:35 PM, Oct 23, 2011

Most everyone appreciates chocolate candy, right?

What Works: The Green House of WomenSafe

5:44 AM, Oct 17, 2011

A local organization that helps women who are victims of domestic violence is "What Works" in Northeast Ohio.

What Works: Vegan Sweet Tooth at Eton

12:02 PM, Oct 10, 2011

Chagrin Falls women have Woodmere business that produces vegan, kosher, and diabetic-friendly sweets.

What Works: Cleveland Jewish News

9:53 PM, Sep 25, 2011

The Cleveland Jewish News was formed in 1964 and annually continues to receive awards of excellence.

What Works: Horsburgh & Scott

8:55 PM, Sep 18, 2011

Horsburgh & Scott, founded in 1886, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial gears

What Works: Graftech in Parma

7:33 AM, Sep 12, 2011

Parma-based Graftech, with $1.5 billion in sales, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of graphite

What Works: I-X Center

9:17 PM, Sep 4, 2011

This Cleveland exhibition hall has been providing community with fun-filled events for 25 years.

What Works: Mom's Gourmet

11:23 PM, Aug 28, 2011

Mom's Gourmet grinds its own spices and sells them in stores across the country.

What Works: Peerless Metal Products

9:59 AM, Aug 22, 2011

Local metal parts business uses innovation to keep manufacturing business alive.