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Are home 'dry cleaning' products effective?

9:26 AM, Nov 5, 2011

Before you take those winter sweaters, coats and holiday fabrics to the dry cleaner, you might want to try cleaning them at home

Juvenile female hit by car in Willoughby Hills

The police and fire departments were called to 27505 Chardon Road just after 8 p.m.

9:31 PM, Oct 29, 2013

Watch: Cedar Point's Space Spiral crashes down

After a quick explosive blast at its base, it only took 17 seconds for the Space Spiral to come crashing down at Cedar Point.

8:14 PM, Sep 13, 2012

$24 million Banshee roller coaster is big business for Ohio companies

Banshee will be built with materials produced by Ohio companies, and is expected to inject millions into the economy.

7:38 AM, Aug 23, 2013

Photos: Dyngus Day Parade in Cleveland

The 2013 Cleveland Dyngus Day Parade took place under sunny skies with lots of accordion music.

5:22 PM, Apr 1, 2013

List of prescription drugs that can cause nightmares

Nightmares aren't a common side effect of prescriptions, but they can occur in dozens of drugs

10:42 PM, May 14, 2012

Violent night on Cleveland streets

Police are investigating a series of crimes

1:50 PM, Jun 9, 2012

Al Roker admits White House bathroom accident

Roker says the incident happened shortly after undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

3:26 PM, Jan 8, 2013

Krysia Maciuszko: Yoga 101 8/28/13

Krysia Maciuszko, Owner of Krysia Energy Yoga, talks about the benefits of yoga and why she feels everyone should be practicing it, including athletes.

9:14 AM, Aug 30, 2013

A breakdown of dates in Ariel Castro's kidnapping case

A timeline marking dates from the start of Ariel Castro's reign of terror to his death behind bars.

5:42 PM, Sep 4, 2013

Shocktoberfest challenges customers to go through haunted house fully nude

A haunted house in eastern Pennsylvania is challenging its guests to go through their attraction completely naked.

1:41 PM, Sep 22, 2013
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