Explore the Outdoors - Farm Style

3:54 PM, Jul 1, 2013   |    comments
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Explore the Outdoors - Farm Style

What is Agri-Tourism?

If you are looking for fun and local adventures this summer to conserve your family's resources, consider Agri-Tourism.  Agri-Tourism encompasses a variety of activities that happen on farms or highlight farm products and happenings.  Some examples include; hayrides pick your own berries, and sheep shearing.

Agri-tourism keeps money local.  When you choose to shop at a farm market or a local orchard, your dollar will stay in that community seven times before leaving.  Local farmers use other local business, go to local restaurants, and support other local causes.

Agri-Tourism Activities

Here in Northeast Ohio, we are fortunate to have a great variety of agri-tourism opportunities.  Plan your family's adventure to by:

*Visiting your local Farmers' Market - you can find farmers' markets close to you with ease.

*Touring the covered bridges and wineries in Ohio - Ashtabula County hosts an annual tour of their covered bridges.

*Attending a County Fair - to check out the local 4H projects.  Next time you go to the county fair, don't just head straight for the kettle corn - stop in one of the junior fair barns and talk to the 4H kids about their farm animals.

*Picking blueberries, apples, and peaches at any of the many orchards in Northeast Ohio .  You can also buy your own fruit trees earlier in the season from your local Soil and Water Conservation District.

*Stopping at roadside stands - many farms sell produce, eggs, plants, and pumpkins right off the farm.

*Enjoying scenic drives through the countryside to see animals and plants

*Learning how to can and preserve local food - you can take classes at many different places.

Visiting local farms is a wonderful way to limit your travel budget and bolster the local economy at the same time.  Be a Conservation Crusader by taking part in agri-tourism this summer.  For more information on agri-tourism contact your local county soil and water conservation district.


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