Six-turbine wind farm planned for Lake Erie

6:16 PM, Aug 23, 2013   |    comments
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  • CLEVELAND -- LEEDCo has announced a six-turbine wind project will be built seven miles out in Lake Erie.

    It's called "Icebreaker" and has been touted at Ohio's clean energy testing ground. LEEDCo President Lorry Wagner says the economic benefits will be huge. 

    "The project will create 525 construction jobs and generate millions for the local economy," he said. "This clean energy enterprise will be the catalyst for a new regional industry, based right here in Cleveland."

    Terrestrial wind turbines have been around for years, and there have been studies showing a number of negative environmental impacts. 

    For avid outdoorsman Darren C. Brooks, they have started to clutter up his vacation pictures. He notes, "They're everywhere. They're pollution, literally pollution to your photos." 

    Though Brooks is talking about turbines on land, he doesn't want to see the same thing happen in Lake Erie. 

    "Every fisherman, every boater, every island dweller, they're going to have to look at these now, and again the big concern is, what's going to happen tomorrow?" he asked.

    LEEDCo says its goal is to eventually have a wind farm offshore that produces 1500 kilowatts of electricity. That's 500 separate wind turbines. 

    They are asking consumers to support the project by signing a "Power Pledge," saying they will purchase a portion of their energy from wind-generated sources. 

    The six turbines are slated to be up and running by 2017.

    To learn more, visit LEEDCo's website


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