Cleveland APL: Kitten shooting being investigated by Friendship APL

6:44 PM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- On their Facebook Page, the Cleveland APL has posted "As the incident occurred in Lorain County, it is being investigated by the humane investigations team from the Friendship APL, which is the agency with jurisdiction for the enforcement of Ohio's animal protection laws in that county."

This is in regard to the shooting of five feral kittens in North Ridgeville on Monday by the City of North Ridgeville's Humane Officer Barry Accorti.

The entry continued:

"The Cleveland APL shares the outrage expressed by animal advocates over the shooting of five, 8-to-10-week-old, reportedly feral, kittens by a "humane officer" in North Ridgeville, Ohio. While there may be situations where animal control or law enforcement officers in the field have no option but to shoot a dangerous animal in self-defense or to protect the public from imminent harm, or even to euthanize an injured, suffering animal when no other options exist, to our knowledge, none of these conditions existed on Monday night."

"We know of no HUMANE (APL emphasis) animal organization that supports the routine use of gunshot for the euthanasia of cats when other options exist. The fact that this involved kittens, occurred within 10-15 feet of a residence, in a populated, family neighborhood, and in front of young, horrified children, just makes it even more incomprehensible."

"...It is also important to note that this "humane officer" is NOT (APL emphasis) an employee of a humane society and is not the same as the humane agents appointed by humane societies such as the Cleveland APL and Friendship APL for the purpose of protecting animals by enforcing Ohio's animal protection laws."

"One outcome we hope will result from this tragic event is the community's acceptance and implementation of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) as the only effective, humane means of reducing and managing free-roaming, community cat populations.   Reportedly, the mother cat was with her kittens and ran off in fear."

"Here's the sad irony ... without TNR, she'll be back in that or someone else's wood pile with another litter of kittens ... and if it's not her, it will be another mom. Let's not just end the shooting. Let's end the needless loss of lives for free-roaming cats via any method of euthanasia by getting behind a proven and humane solution - TNR. Please ..."


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