Members of high school sports community do the 'Harlem Shake'

1:56 PM, Apr 2, 2013   |    comments
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It isn't prom season yet, but if you have been to a high school sports event recently, you might have seen students spontaneously break out their dance moves to Baauer's 2012 song, "Harlem Shake."

While it might not have looked like it to the uninformed spectator, there was a method to the apparent madness. Those students were joining in one of the latest Internet fads by creating their own Harlem Shake video, mimicking the thousands of others that have already been posted to the Web and gone viral.

The amateur videos typically last 30 seconds and usually begin with just one person dancing to a portion of the now-famous song with no one present paying attention. Then, in the next scene, everyone in the shot joins in and performs their own, unique dance moves - the more outlandish the moves, the better.

The reigning NBA champion Miami Heat and hometown Cleveland Indians of Major League Baseball have joined in the Internet craze, so it should come has little surprise that Northeast Ohio area high school student-athletes and fans have done the same.

The staff at asked its Twitter followers to tweet links to team and/or school-authorized Harlem Shake videos.

The tweets and videos received are below.

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