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Fans react to McCoy trade on social media

4:51 PM, Apr 1, 2013   |    comments
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As word began circulating late Monday afternoon that the Browns traded quarterback Colt McCoy to the San Francisco 49ers, fans began having their say on Facebook and Twitter.

The Browns reportedly gave McCoy and a sixth round to the Niners in exchange for fifth and seventh round picks.

Here's a sampling of what some of our Facebook friends had to say about the deal.

Gus: I feel the Trade will benefit Colt, He isn't going to play here with The new Coaches and their new offense , Good Luck Colt. Loved your determination and Team player attitude.

Paul: He will get a ring now

Ken: I hope it is good for the Browns but also good for Colt. This idea of a club bringing young QBs in for a year or two without a strong line to protect them is not good, Lord only knows how many times Charlie Frye and Colt got their bells rang just to be traded.

Rod: He'll do better out there compared to here. Good luck

Shaun: I'm happy for him. I followed him in college and his first season here. It's hard for a rookie quarterback to develop without a strong veteran starter. This is the story of all Cleveland's rookie quarterbacks.

Shelley: The 49er's are one very fortunate team.. good luck Colt, hopefully you'll get a fair shot now!

Kay: It is good news for Colt. Based on past history, this means he'll be playing in the Super Bowl before the Browns will!

Milton: He was a nice guy but we need a bigger stronger more agile more efficient quarterback
George: Hopefully you will be treated better there than here

Rosemary: Class act! I will miss you Colt...thanks for playing with your heart and go on and win a SB the Browns what fools they truly are! GO COLT! GO 49ers!!!

Andrea: They should've kept him and got rid of the rest of the team. They never protected him enough.

Frank: Good luck Colt...hope you get your shot with the 49ers

Talun: The 49ers are a much better team than the Browns if they wanted him don't you think they saw something the Browns did not?

David: No no no!!!! Browns waste their money on him. Make sure you spend your money wisely.

Sean: Thank God he should have never been here in the first place horrible draft choice

From Twitter:
@dacarnes1: Glad the #browns got something from the @ColtMcCoy. Nice for Colt, nice for @phil_dawson_4 to have a #UT guy. High Character Players

@ChanceHarrolle: i was actually a pretty big colt mccoy fan so to see him traded im pretty excited. san fran can now use his talents well.

@ctownb1987: U will be missed @ColtMcCoy U should have had another chance here in #Cleveland


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