Kosar talks about finding treatment for concussion damage

6:09 PM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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BEREA --  Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar is opening up about the damaging health effects from concussions suffered throughout his career.  He says he has found a treatment that has helped ease his pain and improve his quality of life.

Kosar held a news conference Thursday. He says he is working with Dr. Rick Sponaugle out of Tampa to treat the damage caused by concussions and brain trauma from playing in the NFL. 

The 49-year-old former football star says he knew something wasn't right for a few years.  He says for the past decade or more he has suffered from problems including pain, constant ringing and buzzing in his head, headaches, slurred speech and insomnia.  All of the symptoms he says are a result of the more than a dozen concussions documented during his playing days which included time with the Browns, the Cowboys and the Dolphins. 

Kosar says he tried many treatments to ease his pain but found little relief.  Then a few months ago while surfing on the Internet, he came across Dr. Sponaugle's health and wellness center in Florida.  

Sponaugle has been treating Kosar for brain trauma since November of 2012. Kosar says he began feeling better following just a few weeks of the treatment. Kosar says some of the symptoms have disappeared and called the relief including being able to sleep through the night, "a gift from God."   

Dr. Sponaugle, who has spent the last 15 years specializing in brain research, claims through his ground- breaking treatment he has regenerated some brain tissue and has reversed the degeneration of brain tissue, including tissue damaged by Alzheimer's. 

Sponaugle says the complex, multi-faceted approach is 90% natural and partly involves IV nutritional supplements.  "Nutrition is everything and yet diet is nothing. ...  A lot of times Americans can eat perfectly and have no good nutrition because they can't move the nutrition from the gut to the bloodstream."  He says, "It's about giving the brain what it needs to repair."

Dr. Sponaugle also said he has spoken to the NFL about his research on the brain and concussions.

Kosar says he wants other players to know there is help out there for them.  "If there are players out there suffering now, know they have an option, that there's something to genuinely help them get better. ...  It doesn't involve living the rest of your life in pain and agony and on medication."

He says he now wants to raise the awareness of the effects of concussions to NFL players, kids and parents.


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