'Captain America' closure of Shoreway cost $20 for permit

11:27 AM, Jun 21, 2013   |    comments
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A picture of the Shoreway shutdown from May 31.
 PDF Document: Cap2CLE road closure permits  src=

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CLEVELAND -- "Captain America: Winter Soldier" has brought a lot of excitement to downtown Cleveland as Hollywood stars and crews have been filming for several weeks.

But coupled with the excitement have been dozens of road closures to make room for the film's production.

PHOTOS | 'Captain America' films in Cleveland

The most-impactful closure for the movie came a few weeks ago when Marvel shut down the West Shoreway between Lake Avenue to E. 9th Street. The heavily traveled stretch of roadway was completely blocked in each direction for two weeks until re-opening on June 15.

How much did it cost the production for a permit to close the Shoreway?

Just $20.

That's a standard fee for permits involving non-metered roadways in Cleveland.

Records released from the city (see attached PDF file on the left side of the story) offer a breakdown of the price production paid for street obstruction permits.

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The four-page breakdown reveals that the majority of the street obstruction permits were $20 with a few costing a heftier price. Closing down St. Clair Avenue between E. 9th and E. 12th streets for eight days cost $1,700, while the usage of 1422 Huron Road from May 1 through July 12 carries a price of $4,636.

In total, the street obstruction permits through May 31 totaled $38,240.

PHOTOS | 'Captain America' films in Tremont

While many were thrilled with the movie filming around town, there were plenty others angry their commute was hindered by the Shoreway closure.

#ShorewayShutdown became a trending topic locally on Twitter as thousands upon thousands of drivers were forced to squeeze onto a few alternate routes like Detroit Ave. or I-90.

It became such a hot topic, that Captain America himself -- Chris Evans -- turned to Twitter on June 2 to thank Cleveland drivers for their troubles.

"Sorry we're screwing up your traffic, Cleveland! You've been a very gracious host."

Once the Shoreway re-opened, digital billboards had a message from the film's production thanking Cleveland for dealing with the two-week closure. It said: "Thank you Cleveland for your patience and your kindness. - The movie crew."

Earlier this week, Evans was spotted filming inside a house in Tremont with Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) on W. 7th near Literary.

After spending two days in Tremont, crews are now setting their sights on the Cleveland Museum of Art. The museum will close to the public on Sunday, June 23 as Marvel makes its movie magic inside.

"Captain America: Winter Soldier" also stars Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role as the eye-patch wearing Nick Fury, Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce, Anthony Mackie as the Falcon and Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier.

The film, which is slated for release on April 4, 2014, is directed by local brothers Anthony and Joe Russo.


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