Ancient creature mixed human, apelike traits

1:11 PM, Apr 11, 2013   |    comments
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NEW YORK (AP) - Scientists have gained new insights into an extinct South African creature with an intriguing mix of human and ape-like traits.

For one thing, the creature apparently had a unique way of walking. But scientists still haven't pinned down where this prehuman fits on our evolutionary family tree.

It's called Australopithecus sediba. It lived some 2 million years ago, and it both climbed in trees and walked upright.

Its remains were discovered in 2008 when the 9-year-old son of one of the researchers happened to find a bone.

Scientists reported in 2011 that some of the creature's bones showed a combination of human and more ape-like traits.

Now six more papers published Thursday by the journal Science present more examples of that in the teeth, ribs and legs.





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