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Ohio adds more jobs than any other state in May

6:14 PM, Jun 21, 2013   |    comments
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It seems job seekers have a better shot at finding work right here in Ohio. The U.S. Department of Labor released numbers today, showing Ohio gained more jobs than any other state in May.

Ohio gained 32,100 jobs, followed by Texas with 19,500. Michigan was third with 18,100. Still, job seekers are finding a very competitive market in Northeast Ohio.

"I'm not shying away from entry level," says Alfred White, who has military and civilian work experience.

He's looking for a job that pays a livable wage and has career growth opportunities. But he also knows, so is everyone else.

"Pick one position, 300 people, 500 people and not very many people are going to get called back for an interview," says White.

While Ohio job numbers are growing, unemployment in the state is staying steady at 7%. And after one of the worst days of the year on Wall Street, a rollercoaster stock market had investors worried.

Still, corporations at Tri-C's veterans job fair, like AT&T, say the economy is on the up and up.

"I think the job opportunities now are increasing. Matter of a fact, we're in a hiring mode right now, that's why we're here," says Kevin Lynch with AT&T.

The latest numbers show professional and business services had the highest growth, followed by educational and health services and then leisure and hospitality. The same numbers also show that local governments are on a hiring binge, adding more jobs now than in recent years.


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