Fit Friday

Fit Friday: 'Good carb' versus 'Bad carb'

6:04 PM, Feb 18, 2011

Diet trends come and go, but when it comes to losing weight, one constant we seem to hear: is that carbs, can sabotage your diet. It turns out, carbohydrates are important to eating a balanced diet.

Fit Friday: Yoga for men

4:40 PM, Feb 11, 2011

Yoga is only for women or hippies, right? Well, the practice of yoga is actually something a lot of professional athletes do along with their other training.

Fit Friday: Avoid hitting a workout wall

5:16 PM, Jan 28, 2011

Making a few changes to your diet and exercise routine could be the key to fighting boredom and preventing you from hitting a weight loss plateau. On today's Fit Friday, Maureen Kyle has three things to prevent you from hitting a workout wall.

Fit Friday: Making changes to diet, exercise

6:46 PM, Jan 21, 2011

Making a few changes to your diet and exercise routine, could be the key to fighting boredom and help prevent you from hitting a weight loss plateau.

Sleep Week: Blindfolded yoga

1:14 PM, Jan 14, 2011

As we wrap up sleep week, we're leaving you with a few last pieces of advice. You always hear that exercise will help you sleep.

Fit Friday: Get in shape with your kids

1:18 PM, Jan 7, 2011

MAYFIELD VILLAGE - If you're a parent, you've probably resolved to get in shape, or maybe spend more time with your kids.  Save some time and sanity and maybe even accomplish both at the same time!  On this morning's Fit Friday, Maureen Kyle found a program that lets kids be kids and gets the entire family to break a sweat.

Fit Friday: Healthy picks from that holiday buffet

1:03 PM, Dec 24, 2010

Many people just accept the fact, that they're going to eat junk around the holidays. But not all holiday buffet food is bad. Today on Fit Friday, WKYC's Maureen Kyle has the top picks and some advice from a dietician.

Fit Friday: Working out in the snow

4:37 PM, Dec 10, 2010

With all the snow on the ground outside, many people might feel like they're shut-ins for the next month. But getting outside for a little exercise can be good for you.

Fit Friday: TRX basics

11:35 AM, Dec 3, 2010

Gyms are always getting new fitness equipment.  Do you know how to use it? Over the past couple of years, what they call TRX Suspension Systems are becoming more popular.

Fit Friday: Chef Mario Izzo's Healthy Chicken Parmesan

6:44 AM, Nov 26, 2010

CLEVELAND -- Chef Mario Izzo, personal chef to Cavs' Guard Mo Williams, is just a shadow of the man he used to be. He's lost well over 100 pounds since bariatric surgery at the Cleveland Clinic last year. He shared one of his favorite low fat, low calorie recipes with us.

Fit Friday: Pilates reformer can help strengthen and tone

11:42 AM, Nov 12, 2010

BEACHWOOD - If you're into those dancing competition shows, you may notice the contestants have long and lean muscles.

Fit Friday: Cleveland Yoga

7:52 AM, Sep 17, 2010

We wanted to help you ease into your morning on this Friday. Maureen Kyle is joined by an instructor from Beachwood-based "Cleveland Yoga" to show us how to do it.

Fit Friday: 'Rocky Boot Camp Workout'

3:09 PM, Aug 27, 2010

Who can forget the image of Rocky Balboa running up the infamous "Rocky Steps" to get in shape? Or maybe that Rocky theme song gets you in the mood to work out?

Fit Friday: Foods that cleanse

7:04 AM, Aug 13, 2010

CLEVELAND -- We all indulge in our diets, sometimes a bit more than usual in the summer. But a few of the foods found in nature can help clean our systems.

Fit Friday: What's underneath your skin? "Bodies: The Exhibit" can teach us healthy lessons

7:16 AM, Jul 16, 2010

CLEVELAND -- Most people are afraid of what they look like underneath their clothes. But what about underneath the skin?  That might be a better indication of how healthy you really are. 

Fit Friday: Fourth of July healthy barbecue options

6:21 AM, Jul 2, 2010

This Fourth of July weekend, let the fireworks explode -- not your waistline.

Fit Friday: Prevent injury and get a great workout with the T-Bow

6:41 AM, Jun 11, 2010

TWINSBURG -- A new fitness device developed by a Swiss physical therapist could give you a great workout at home and help you prevent injury. It's called the "T-Bow."

Fit Friday: Jump Training

8:25 AM, May 21, 2010

CLEVELAND -- Jump training is one of the best ways to get your heart rate up, while giving you an incredible workout, without weights.

Fit Friday: Mother of triplets shares advice to get back in shape

8:48 AM, May 7, 2010

CLEVELAND -- Many new moms find it hard to get back in shape after pregnancy, or are worried about injury post-partum. This Fit Friday, Maureen Kyle has more on how a young mom from Mentor got her shape back after having triplets.

Fit Friday: Overload Fitness

11:22 AM, Mar 26, 2010

BEACHWOOD -- Don't have time to work out? There is a new craze that is sweeping the Cleveland area, one which sounds a little too good to be true, but is it?

Fit Friday: Unlikely pair of spinning and yoga offers calorie burning workout

10:45 AM, Mar 12, 2010

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS -- Some people like to get a good sweat in, others like to tone and stretch.  A class offered right here in Northeast Ohio pairs an unlikely workout duo for major calorie burning.     

Fit Friday: Train on treadmill for a road race

8:31 AM, Feb 12, 2010

ROCKY RIVER -- With inches of snow on the ground, it's hard to think about those spring road races. But if you plan on running in the Cleveland Marathon, a 10k or a 5k this spring, it's time to start training.

Fit Friday: P90X plyometric moves you can do at home

8:22 AM, Feb 5, 2010

CLEVELAND -- The popular P90X program promises optimal training for weight loss and muscle development. 

Fit Friday: Is it OK to work out when you're sick?

3:32 PM, Jan 29, 2010

If you have a cold, is it OK to work out? In today's Fit Friday, we'll let you know when to hit the gym and when to stay home.

Fit Friday: Abdominal health; what foods to eat and best ab exercises

2:54 PM, Jan 22, 2010

ROCKY RIVER -- Carrying a little extra around the middle could put you at risk for health problems.  Medical research has shown fat around your mid-section can lead to abnormal insulin levels, high blood pressure and heart disease.  

Fit Friday: Top calorie-burning foods that are also inexpensive

2:17 PM, Jan 15, 2010

CLEVELAND -- Healthier foods can be pricey. But you don't have to spend much on what a wellness guru dubbed as the "top fat burning foods."

Health resort opens in Beachwood

1:42 PM, Jan 8, 2010

BEACHWOOD -- A brand new health club will open its doors Saturday morning in Beachwood.  But to call this a gym is an understatement. 

There's no excuse to put off getting fit in the New Year

7:20 AM, Dec 19, 2009

CLEVELAND -- Having trouble getting fit? Here is a great incentive to tone up in 2010.  See who is offering free workouts for three months in the New Year and so much more.

Fit Friday: Yoga practice helps overall health

10:49 AM, Dec 11, 2009

CHAGRIN FALLS -- Over the past few years, the fitness world has seen a re-emergence of an ancient art of wellness.  Yoga studios are popping up all over Northeast Ohio.   

Hudson woman loses over 200 pounds the 'old fashioned' way

6:43 PM, Nov 13, 2009

HUDSON -- We are in an era where many people who need to lose more than one hundred pounds opt for surgical procedures or simply give up on trying losing weight.