Eastlake: 'Tailgater' tries to run man over in parking lot

1:28 PM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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EASTLAKE -- Just after 5 p.m. Tuesday, police were called to the Drug Mart parking lot on Vine Street where a Cleveland man, 29, said an Eastlake man, 23, tried to run him over.

The Cleveland man told police he was driving on E. 337th Street when another driver started tailgating him.

The Cleveland man pulled into the Drug Mart parking lot and parked and that's when the Eastlake driver pulled up next to him and started yelling and cursing at him.

Both men got out of their cars and continued to argue.

Three witnesses said that the Eastlake man then jumped back into his vehicle and tried to run over the Cleveland man with his car, then put his car in reverse and started to do "backward doughnuts," striking a nearby parked car.

That's when the Eastlake man drove off.

Police say the front end of the parked car was moved approximately 18 inches from the impact and had damage to the passenger door and front quarter panel.

Another police officer on patrol located the Eastlake man and his car and placed him under arrest for assault and hit-skip.

He is being held until bond can be met or his court arraignment.


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