Cleveland Clinic gets $100K grant from NFL charities

7:52 PM, Feb 4, 2011   |    comments
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Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins explains why it is so important.

Concussions are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in football. Cleveland Clinic researchers are already trying to create a sideline test that could diagnose a concussion faster.

Now the Spine Research Lab will study what happens to the neck and spine in concussion injuries among young people. The study will also look ways to determine the safety of youth football helmets.

Each year, nearly four million concussions happen in sports and recreation and football head injures are the second most common reason for ER visits among kids 14 and under.

Could the helmet be to blame?

A new piece of technology will help with the study. Clinic researchers created an intelligent mouthguard. It's a wireless device that measures in-game head impact for sports like football and boxing.  


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