Cleveland ranks #3 for home buyers

5:57 PM, Jul 25, 2012   |    comments
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When it comes to home sales, we keep hearing "now is the time to buy," but it's not so bad to sell either.

Real estate tracker Zillow says Northeast Ohio is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country.

Jane Underwood is still settling into her new home in Cleveland Heights. But before she could move in, she had the daunting task of selling her home in Shaker Heights.

"And we sold it in a week," says Jane, "People are pretty impressed. But I guess, personally, we knew we had a good home."

And this isn't an isolated case.

"What I've noticed, in the past six months or so, is that activity has really picked up," says Ashley Barron, with Keller Williams New Homes Team.

She says homes all over Northeast Ohio are selling -- and selling fast.

"You could drive down the street and you could see sign after sign after sign, and your buyers just had all these options, we're not seeing that anymore."

That kind of activity isn't happening across the country, so the turnover here caught the attention of real estate tracker Zillow.

It looked at the top metropolitan areas where homes are priced well, sell fast and home values are remaining steady.

Cleveland and surrounding suburbs ranked 3rd in the country, following behind Milwaukee and Chicago.

"We've hit the bottom, we're starting to shift up now. Rates are still low and I think people want to capitalize."

For New York native Underwood, who raised her family here, she says the appeal is obvious.

"Oh definitely, I mean you can't find housing stock of this quality for this price anywhere else in the country," Underwood said.


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