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Rangers, FBI look for more evidence in Taylor Robinson case

7:23 PM, Sep 12, 2013   |    comments
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PENINSULA -- Park rangers and FBI evidence recovery teams were back at it Thursday, searching for additional remains or other clues as to what happened to Taylor Robinson. 

Robinson was positively identified Wednesday after being considered a missing person in Akron since May. 

About 20 investigators spent the afternoon sifting and surveying an expanded perimeter for evidence. 

They also used chainsaws to remove several large trees from the area. 

Private investigator Tim Dimoff says the crews will bring in heavy equipment later this week to collect soil samples, and needed to clear a pathway for bulldozers or other items. 

The forensic evidence is collected and then examined by the Summit County Medical Examiner and anthropologists at Mercyhurst. 

The Summit County Medical Examiner spokesperson confirms the jawbone and skull pieces found Tuesday matched Taylor's dental records. 

Gary Guenther says a number of other smaller bones are also being examined, but at this point, it's not clear if any of those remains are human or if they belong to Taylor. 

Rangers are careful not to reopen the Valley Trailhead area, now a crime scene, until they're sure they've collected every piece. 

"We're just trying to ensure that the investigation has been thorough enough that we have found all the evidence that we need to continue solving the case," said Jennie Vasarhelyi, a spokeswoman for CVNP. 

It's unclear just how long that could take. 

Akron Police detectives are digging into the timeline between May 3 when Taylor was last seen and September 9 when the remains were first spotted by hikers.  

Capt. Dan Zampelli says they are going back to the beginning, trying to piece together details about when Taylor went missing and when and where she might have died.       

Zampelli says the police are not commenting on any suspects, but would not say they don't have someone in mind. 

He called it a "logical conclusion," that police would return to question some of the same people they questioned at the time she went missing.  

Lt. Rick Edwards with the Akron Police Department confirmed weeks ago that an ex-boyfriend of Taylor's was not cooperative when they tried to interview him and had hired an attorney.

The man's name has not been confirmed. 

Tom Fields, also a private investigator working for the family, tells us that he's looking for two different people individuals that he thinks have the knowledge to break the case open.


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