Between the Lines: Medicaid, new taxes galore, no merger

1:20 PM, Jul 21, 2013   |    comments
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In a very hot summer, Governor John Kasich is turning up the heat on state lawmakers, trying to move them to move on expanding Medicaid.

He's encouraging groups who back his idea to reach out to lawmakers without bullying him.

Can he find the right balance between persuasion and bullying?

Can he change enough Republican opponents' mind?

After lots of noise about lots of issues, there will be no citizen-initiated measures on the November statewide ballot.

But in Cuyahoga County, voters will be faced with multiple propety tax requests for the Port, Metroparks, Health and Human Services and local school issues.

The money issues will cost taxpayers more because the state is taking away the share it now quietly subsidizes in property taxes -- 12.5 percent.

What happened to all the controversial statewide issues?

How will Cuyahoga County voters react to multiple tax requests?

One state lawmaker thinks parents who homeschool their children should not have to pay their share of school property taxes.

What are the arguments for and against that proposal?

A much-ballyhooed idea to merge a group of East Side suburbs has apparently fizzled out because residents prize their communitieis, identities and independence.

Is the idea of merging communities completely dead?

Why do citizens say they want less government and cheaper government, yet fail to back ideas that might achieve those goals?

Tom Beres discusses these issues with Channel 3 Political Analysts Mary Anne Sharkey and Dennis Eckart on this edition of Between the Lines.


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