Between the Lines: Budget roulette, medical marijuana, FitzGerald/Budish alliance

10:45 AM, Jun 2, 2013   |    comments
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Ohio's budget must be adopted by the end of June. 

It's been an unusual process so far. Governor John Kasich's original proposal has been overhauled by the House. And now the Senate's weighed in with its own version.

It's unclear what will ultimately  happen with possible tax cuts for individuals and small businesses, Medicaid expansion, school funding and other issues.

Who is in charge of the budget agenda? Why does it seem to be done in three separate editions? What are the political stakes for the Governor?

State Rep. Armond Budish is running for Cuyahoga County Executive. He's being endorsed by the man he hopes to replace --  Ed FitzGerald -- who's running fo Governor. Budish is a successful fundraiser.

Budish needs to become more familiar to most county residents.

FitzGerald could use help raising money, but claims he's endorsing Budish as the most trustworthy person to carry on his programs and priorities.

Who gets the most from that alliance? Should FitzGerald have made an endorsement?

A proposal for a ballot issue legalizing medical marijana in Ohio has had its language approved for the ballot.

What are the chances of it getting before Ohio voters next year?

Dan Gilbert recently spoke of big plans to promote more downtown development around the second phase of his casino.

Will he do something on the scale of his efforts to revive downtown Detroit?

Can Cleveland Horseshoe Casino and a second partner casino both be profitable?

Tom Beres discusses these issues with Channel 3 Political Analysts Dennis Eckart and Mary Anne Sharkey on this edition of Between the Lines.


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