Between the Lines: State Issue 2 for re-doing redistricting

10:51 AM, Sep 30, 2012   |    comments
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It's the most important statewide ballot issue. Issue 2 is an attempt to take politics out of the process of drawing new legislative districts.

Members of both parties agree the present system is flawed.

The new map of Ohio, drawn by in-control Republicans, created an Etch-a-Sketch run amuck collection of 16 districts.

Many split communities. It makes it likely that part of Cleveland will be represented by a Congressperson from Toledo until the map is changed.

Good government groups, bankrolled by unions, came up with the proposal, drafted largely by an Ohio State University professor.

It would involve a panel of Appeals Court judges picking 42 candidates for a citizen panel.

Parties could eliminate some they object too. Then a 12- member panel would be picked by lot.

Supporters say it's got to be an improvement over the present system. Republicans and Democrats have both abused the power of the pen to help their lawmakers pick their voters instead of voters picking their officeholders.

Critics say the proposal lacks accountability and wrongly involves judges in a political process, violating the principle of separate branches of government.

Voters must decide if the cure would be better or worse than the current politicized system.

Tom Beres discusses Issue 2 with former State lawmaker Matt Dolan, Channel 3 Political Analyst Mary Anne Sharkey and Voters First spokesman/Democratic lawyer Subodh Chandra, and Republican Akron state Senator Frank LaRose, representing the group Protect Your Vote , on this edition of Between the Lines.


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