Cuyahoga County: Defendant Jimmy Dimora can't pay lawyers

9:21 AM, Oct 19, 2010   |    comments
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And his lead counsel, Richard Lillie, is asking that he and lawyer Gretchen Holderman be taken off the case unless the federal government starts picking up the tab.

Dimora will be tried next September. He faces 26 corruption-related charges. Lillie filed paperwork claiming Dimora is not indigent, but needs financial help.

"Counsel have represented the defendant for the past 28 months. During that time, defendant has been unable to fulfill his financial obligations to counsel," Lillie's motion before the court said.

The motion says the pending case will require examining hundreds of thousands of documents and thousands of hours of audio tape.

And that would be a full-time job, stopping the lawyers from  handling other paying clients.

No specific dollar amount of indebtedness is mentioned. 

The claim? Dimora can't tap money in the value of  his house. He could not get a home equity loan from Park View Federal Savings bank.

Federal prosecutors have put liens against his house and his state pension annuity.

Documents from Dimora's bank and the Public Employees Retirement System were filed with the memorandum but they are being kept as under-seal exhibits.


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