Police lower death count in Spain crash to 78, say count could change again

6:53 AM, Jul 26, 2013   |    comments
Photo by Miguel Riopa, AFP / Getty Images.
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SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, Spain -- Police examining the remains of those killed in Spain's worst train crash in decades have lowered the death count from 80 people to 78 and said the count could change as they identify body parts and associate them with others.

Antonio de Amo of Spain's national police says the change has happened as forensic scientists have matched body parts with each other.

He told reporters Friday that 72 bodies have been identified so far and that six remain to be identified.

Investigators, meanwhile, have taken possession of the "black boxes" of the train, which hurtled at high-speed along a curve and derailed on Wednesday. Analysis will be performed to determine why the train was traveling far above the speed limit when it crashed near a station in Santiago de Compostela, in the northwestern Galicia.

Police plan to question the train operator, but he is still hospitalized and that interview is not expected to happen today.

The Associated Press

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