Investigator: City fires officer caught sleeping on the job

9:06 AM, Feb 12, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Police brass in Cleveland have come under fire lately for not holding officers accountable for breaking the rules.  But that can't be said in the case of Cameron Williams.

Williams has a history of disciplinary problems as a guard with the Cleveland House of Corrections. Safety Director Martin Flask  apparently had enough. He fired Williams last month for sleeping on the job and for failure to pay full-time and attention to his duties.

Security cameras at the House of Corrections caught the officer apparently sleeping in a chair while on duty. The same cameras saw him grab an inmate by the throat after the inmate threw some juice at him. Williams was accused of failing to obey a superior officer who ordered Williams to let go of the inmate.

City records show Williams has been suspended four times, including twice for sleeping on the job.

The Investigator Tom Meyer tried to talk with Williams, but he declined to answer questions about his work habits. As Williams walked into the House of Corrections, he suddenly fell untouched, but got up and walked away eight seconds later.

The city says Williams is accusing Meyer of attacking him. He's filed a workers compensation claim. A hearing will be held Tuesday at the State Office Building in downtown Ceveland.

Williams is appealing a 15-day suspension and his firing.


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