NBC's "The Biggest Loser" casting call coming to Cleveland

3:28 AM, Jul 9, 2012

NBC'S hit weight-loss series launching nationwide, 13-city search for new contestants, including Cleveland!

Jamie Oliver's cookbook ranked 2011's most unhealthy

4:10 PM, Jan 4, 2012

A nonprofit health organization has unleashed their list of the five worst cookbooks of 2011 with "Jamie Oliver's Meals in Minutes" sizzling at the top.

Fighting Fat: Tips to get started losing weight

2:28 PM, Sep 23, 2011

Three tips to get started on a healthy journey.

Fighting Fat: Answering your questions on obesity

1:21 PM, Sep 15, 2011

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from viewers who added their voices to the discussion about obesity and fitness during the Cutting Edge: Fighting Fat special.

Fighting Fat: School makes school meals healthier

12:16 AM, Sep 9, 2011

Obesity in America is an epidemic, not just for adults, but also for our children.

Fighting Fat: Jessica King

8:21 AM, Feb 16, 2011

EASTLAKE -- You know eating right and exercise are the keys to losing weight but that's not an option for one of our Fighting Fat participants.

Cleveland Clinic's new weight-loss surgery folds stomach in half

11:50 PM, Feb 3, 2011

CLEVELAND --  Cleveland Clinic is now offering patients a new type of weight-loss surgery called Laparoscopic Gastric Plication.

Fighting Fat: Lisa Holocker

10:56 PM, Jan 25, 2011

STRONGSVILLE -- Losing weight is no easy task. It requires planning, dedication and determination to be successful. At least that's what our Fighting Fat participants are learning.

Fighting Fat: Georgene Upshaw

12:43 AM, Jan 19, 2011

CLEVELAND -- The new year re-energized Georgene Upshaw to step up her new lifestyle changes and she has a big goal to reach.

Fighting Fat: Joe Cordaro

12:01 AM, Jan 12, 2011

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS --  Joe Cordaro managed to drop 100 pounds in the last eighteen months, but then he hit the wall.

Fighting Fat: Steve Johnston's update

1:14 AM, Jan 5, 2011

CLEVELAND -- Every Tuesday this month, we'll be catching up with our Fighting Fat participants.

'Fighting Fat' participant celebrates 50 years & 70 pounds

5:22 PM, Sep 26, 2010

CLEVELAND -- Stephen Johnston is not a busboy but Saturday he dressed up as one, all to trick his family at his 50th birthday party.

Fighting Fat: Summer derailed the best intentions

1:49 PM, Sep 7, 2010

BAY VILLAGE -- Labor Day is typically the unofficial end of summer. Time then to check on our five Fighting Fat participants to see how they did during the summer months.

Report: Ohio ranks 13th in adult obesity

2:51 PM, Jun 29, 2010

As the holiday weekend looms with the thought of picnics and barbecues, you might not want to hear this. The Trust for America's Health released its annual report on obesity "F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future 2010" and Ohio is ranked 13th.

Fighting Fat: Participants learn the value of weight training

10:42 PM, Jun 7, 2010

CLEVELAND -- They started their public journey in the beginning of April and all five of them had already been well on the road to Fighting Fat.

Cleveland State University hosts 'WellFest 2010' Wednesday

5:18 PM, Apr 20, 2010

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland State University is doing its part to help fight fat in Northeastern Ohio.

Structured Recess: The New Playground

4:30 PM, Apr 14, 2010

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS -- On the playground at Gearity Elementary School in University Heights, you see kids at different stations with bean bags, plastic rings and jump ropes.

Fighting Fat: Personality trait might be key to some obesity

5:34 PM, Apr 9, 2010

CLEVELAND -- Did you know your personality may be able to dictate if you're at risk for becoming obese?

Focus: William Baker 'Fighting Fat'

6:11 PM, Apr 8, 2010

This week we started a year-long campaign called "Fighting Fat." It's a collaborative effort between Channel 3, the Plain Dealer and ideastream's public radio and TV to bring the obesity epidemic into focus and try to find solutions to solve it.

American Heart Association wants you to Start! Walking

11:05 PM, Apr 7, 2010

CLEVELAND -- Wednesday was National Start! Walking Day, where Americans were encouraged to get moving.

American Heart Association: National Start! Walking day may help women avoid stroke

4:47 PM, Apr 7, 2010

CLEVELAND -- Women who walked two or more hours a week or who usually walked at a brisk pace (3 miles per hour or faster), had a significantly lower risk of stroke than women who didn't walk, according to a large, long-term study reported in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.

Fighting Fat: Journal of the American Medical Association

9:25 AM, Apr 7, 2010

CLEVELAND -- Monday night, we told you about the year-long program called "Fighting Fat." We are joining forces with the Plain Dealer and ideastream's public radio and TV to being the obesity epidemic into focus and find ways to solve it.

1 hour daily exercise fights 'fatso' gene in teens

11:21 PM, Apr 5, 2010

CHICAGO -- A new European study suggests that one hour of moderate to vigorous exercise daily can help teens beat the effects of a common obesity-related gene.

Fighting Fat: Kickoff to year-long program

6:06 PM, Apr 4, 2010

CLEVELAND -- The issue of obesity has become a major problem in our country.  The medical cost alone for health side effects of obesity is far into the billions.  That's why we are teaming up with our partners at The Plain Dealer and Ideastream's public tv and radio to bring you a year long series called "Fighting Fat."

Watching your salt intake? Watch for 'hidden' salt in food

10:55 AM, Mar 30, 2010

CLEVELAND -- It's easy to recognize that chips and pretzels are generally big sources of salt, but it's also hidden in foods you might not realize.

Food Addiction: Could what you eat cause you to eat more?

12:43 PM, Mar 29, 2010

The idea that overweight people are physically "hooked on" food is controversial.

Obesity Week: How to talk to your children about their weight

10:21 AM, Mar 4, 2010

CLEVELAND-  Parents need to help their children make healthy food choices. One major issue is making sure they're getting enough exercise.

Immunohealth 3-D diet scientific weight loss program

2:16 PM, Mar 3, 2010

LYNDHURST -- What if you learned that the foods you think are good for you are actually sabotaging your weight loss goals?

Obesity Week: Childhood obesity is a growing problem in the United States

9:32 AM, Mar 3, 2010

CLEVELAND -- First Lady Michelle Obama launched an initiative called "Let's Move," to fight childhood obesity. She is asking for schools and parents to do the same.



Obesity week: South Euclid man loses 150 pounds

10:54 AM, Mar 2, 2010

SOUTH EUCLID -- Ben Keller never thought about losing weight, even though at his heaviest he weighed 386 pounds.