Fighting Fat: Jessica King

9:21 AM, Feb 16, 2011   |    comments
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A car accident damaged Jessica King's back and her doctors told her she cannot exercise unless it's in a pool. The injury prevents the stay-at-home mom from working so she and her husband can't afford a membership to a gym that has a pool.  

So the only thing Jessica can control is her eating habits. She's lost fifty pounds since we met her and, since the doctor's orders, she's only gained four back.

"I can't really do anything. He told me I can't really walk on pavement especially for long periods of time because of the pressure that it will put on my back. I've been able to still control what's going in my mouth. I've still been able to look at the labels and watch the sodium, the fat, the carbs, the sugar," Jessica says.

Jessica's proud of her accomplishments but says fighting the anxiety of medical bills and running a household doesn't make it easy.

Regardless, she says she's proof that you can fight fat with just the foods you choose.

Click on the video to see her story.


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