Fighting Fat: Lisa Holocker

10:56 PM, Jan 25, 2011   |    comments
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Lisa Holocker gave up cable TV and other luxuries just to hire personal trainer Luke Chronister from Prescription Fitness in Strongsville.

She finds time to work out six to seven days a week and she's managed to drop thirty pounds since August, a total of 44 since we met her last April.

"Physically, I feel great. Mentally, it's still really tough because one I get really upset that how did I ever let it get that bad," Lisa says.

Aside from working out, Lisa also credits keeping a food journal to her success. Every day she writes down everything she eats and keeps track of her fat, calories, carbs and protein.

When she has a bad day, she can flip pages back to a good day and start over.

Click on the video to watch Lisa's story.


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