Fighting Fat: Participants learn the value of weight training

10:42 PM, Jun 7, 2010   |    comments
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Stephen Johnson, Lisa Holocker, Joe Cordaro, Jessica King and Georgene Upshaw all desired to live healthier lives and each knew they had to drop a few pounds to reach their goals. 

All of them had already started cardio workouts but none had really done any weight training.

So professional trainer Joe Butler, of Prescription Fitness, donated his time to meet with each and design specifically tailored programs to fit each of their needs. 

Their programs are simple and meant for beginners and Joe and Channel 3 Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins demonstrate each of the exercises in a web-only video in this Fighting Fat section, in case you'd like to try them at home or the gym too. 

Resistance training helps speed up metabolism that, in turn, burns more calories and helps weight-loss goals.

Before starting any exercise program, get clearance from your doctor.


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